Thursday, 27 October 2011

Vampires do exist!

Halloween is alsmost there and people involuntarily start to think about all these strange and spooky things media and popular culture taught us to belive it. And not just to believe but to think they are associated with Halloween (forget trick-or-treating, you will be watching horror movies again or will go to a costume party).

We, economists, are also subjected to the influce of popular culture. Ghosts, zombies, vampires - sometimes we try to use our creative minds to explore these things too. So, it might not be a big surprise for all of you that we discovered that (under some assumptions) vampires might exists (yes, they are here - maybe it is your strange neighbor or this shop attendant at the local gas station you have never seen at sunlight).

Well, if you are interested in our findings (and want to have a solid proof that vampires DO REALLY EXIST) follow the findings we will present in our blog.

We are going to present a new approach to modeling intertemporal interactions between vampires and humans based on several types of vampire behavior described in popular fiction literature, comic books, films and TV series. The main question we will try to answer would be: If vampires were real and lived amongst us, would their existence be possible? We will draw several scenarios of vampire-human co-existence and use models with differential equations to test whether vampires could have existed amongst us today and under what provisions. Although mathematical modeling usually enables researchers to reject most of the popular scenarios embedded in popular literature and films, you will be surprised to find out that it appears that several popular culture sources outline the models describing plausible and peaceful vampire and human co-existence.

So, who are the winners? Who described the co-existence of humans and vampires in the most accurate way (at least according to science)? What is your guess? The options are listed here:

a) Bram Stoker
b) Stephen King
c) Stephanie Meyer
d) Charlaine Harris

Do you want to know the right answer? Follow our blog and you will learn this (and more) and become a true expert on vampires!


Wadim Strielkowski and Evgeny Lisin