Wednesday, 2 November 2011

True blood and vampire-like bacteria

Good day everyone,

There are a couple of things from the scientific world we would like to share with you. Science means progress and progress means that even the most fantastic things might be once explained and put into practice.

The first thing is that we might be just a step away from vampires revealing themselves to us (at least in accordance with the logic of Charlaine Harris’s “Sookie Stockhouse series” and “True blood” TV series that is inspired by it). The news is that according to researchers from Edinburgh and Bristol Universities who for the first time made thousands of millions of red blood cells from stem cells we might be able to produce industrial scale quantities of blood in about two years from now.

Are you excited? Want to meet your own Bill Compton? Wonder how the “True blood” tastes? According to Bill, it was nothing special – your actual human blood is better.

The second thing is that according to “Discover” magazine, scientists found a strange micro-organism (bacteria, in fact) that behaves like a vampire. Read the article for yourself and think about it in that way: if there are vampires at this primitive, small-scale level, why cannot they be at the macro-level, e.g. living amongst us? Science seems to come with more and more facts supporting this idea!