Saturday, 29 October 2011

Vampires among us

And now back to the vampirical theme again. Have you ever wondered whether vampires could actually LIVE amongst us?

Although their existence is possible (at least from the scientific point of view), as it was mentioned in the previous post, one may ask why we do not see them or meet them every day. One possible explanation might be that they are well-hidden in their coffins or hide-outs and only come out at night. Another explanation might be that they are so scarce, that a chance of meeting a vampire is practically equal to zero.
However, some individuals we occasionally meet DO make us think that the argument is not lost and that vampires are among us. There are lots of them among economists and mathematicians (especially our colleagues).

In particular, there is one certain gentleman we know, a Director of a respectable Prague-based research Institute. We have been suspecting him for a long time now! And there are many things to back up this conclusion: i) no one has ever seen him walking in daylight, ii) most of the time he lingers in his office behind closed shutters and windows and when one is invited to meet him, he receives his guest in a dark 19th century room with frescoes ceiling dimly let by one lamp (which proves he has a style – so common for vampires (remember Lestat, Edward Cullen or Bill Compton)), iii) he looks pretty sinister, iv) he always looks pale and never wears a tan, even though he claims he goes on vacations sometimes, v) he is often away (allegedly on business trips, but we know better – he probably goes out hunting or attends vampires councils :)).

Look around you! If you work at economics, mathematics, physics or other department, there might be similar sinister-looking individuals among you. They always stay in the shadow, they linger behind the closed doors of their offices and never expose their pale bodies to the sun. Think about how many colleagues are there whom you never met during the day. You always see them there when you are about to leave and they are there, in their offices, pretending to work, wanting to chat, inviting you to come in and talk to them. Be careful! We know better and advise you to stay away from those suspicious individuals – you might be turned into one of them!

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