Friday, 27 January 2012

Recommending you a new book on vampires: Emily Welkins' "Till the last drop!"

Dear Followers,

We are glad to announce that a fellow researcher, Dr Emily Welkins, published her book entitled "Till the last drop!" on what she describes as "modelling peaceful co-existence of vampires and humans.

The book is a real guide to vampiric lore (all you need to know about vampires and were afraid to ask, so to speak :)) It is a mixture of a research paper and popular science literatere and it will make you an expert on vampires (and not just the one who knows how to use silver bullets and garlic, but that kind who would be able to juggle (and fiddle) with numbers, quote respectful sources and amuse (and startle) your friends with a deep knowledge on vampyrism.

Read what one of the the readers wrote in her review of the book:

"If vampires were real and were planning their debut or coming-out party,this would probably be the book that they would cite to get everyone thinking about a peaceful co-existence. Maybe they are planning to show up spontaneously. Science and progress these days are far beyond imagination. Artificial blood may be invented soon (then there would be no reason for vampires to hide any more!).

I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Till the last drop!", especially because I am a fan of watching vampire films and TV series (I knew all the
book's popular cultural references!). The tone of the book is interesting: sometimes comedic and sometimes dry ... but this balances out well and keeps interest levels high.

I highly recommend this book! Congratulations on a job well done, Emily Welkins!"

We greatly recommend this book to you too!

Best regards,

WS and EL

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